Bronze Package


web-space Web Space: 5GB

bandwidth-icon Bandwidth: 25GB

database Databases: 10

mailbox Mailboxes: 5

ftp icon FTP accounts: 10

application-icon1 1-Click Applications

Backup center icon Backup & Restore

Only £4.35 per month


Silver Package


web-space Web Space: 100GB

bandwidth-icon Bandwidth: Unlimited

database Databases: 100

mailbox Mailboxes: 100

ftp icon FTP accounts: 75

application-icon1 1-Click Applications

Backup center icon Backup & Restore

Only £6.35 per month


Gold Package


web-space Web Space: Unlimited

bandwidth-icon Bandwidth: Unlimited

database Databases: Unlimited

mailbox Mailboxes: Unlimited

ftp icon FTP accounts: Unlimited

application-icon1 1-Click Applications

Backup center icon Backup & Restore

Only £8.35 per month



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Our Platform

dell1 Our web hosting is provided by our bespoke cloud hosting platform, which ensures your website receives 99.99% uptime and unrivalled reliability not possible by a regular Internet hosting package.

Based in our highly resilient datacenter in Manchester using our fast network we can offer truly unlimited web site hosting and is a first for the UK web hosting market.


What is cloud?

Cloud hosting is an alternative to dedicated server hosting using highly available virtualisation technologies.

The hardware on which your web hosting runs is virtualised. This brings a number of huge benefits, including the ability to offer unlimited web space & unlimited bandwidth allowances with a massive 99.99% uptime


How is it so reliable

cloud1 We use the latest virtualisation software to abstract your Plesk hosting services from the hardware that it sits on.

The storage is centralised in a highly available Storage Area Network (SAN). This not only makes the network a lot quicker, but also means that you're no longer reliant on the physical machine on which your web hosting runs.

Our Cloud hosting cluster controller watches all Plesk hosting services day and night, and if it detects a failure of any critical hardware, it'll automatically move the hosting onto spare hardware.

You won't notice this, and our engineers would then simply replace the failed hardware with no impact to your web site or e-mail services.

We're so confident that it works, that we guarantee your hosting won't drop below 99.99% availability for the month.


Cloud Performance

Most web hosting servers are vastly under-used. In tests across our datacentre we've found that at any given time, about 75% of our hardware is being used less than 25% of its maximum capacity.

That's a big waste of energy and money.

By pooling both backend storage and frontend servers we can cut hardware costs dramatically, and pass that saving on to you. It also makes the whole process energy efficient.

This also means that your web hosting package always has the power you need, providing unrivalled performance gains, you're never going to find your Cloud hosting low on resources


Green Initiative

green Overall we believe our hosting uses approximately an eighth of the power of a modern similarly specified physical web hosting server.

Combined with the energy reduction procedures we're putting in place across our datacentres, it adds up to make a real difference.


Flexibility to Grow

Our Cloud hosting platform allows for full load balancing, off-site backup space, instant SAN disk backups and statefull failover.

These services would not be possible with traditional web hosting setups.

All Cloud hosting services sit behind our Enterprise class Cisco firewalls for your protection, with our unique Plesk web-based interface to set up your rules. 



cloud2 This diagram shows what happens in the unlikely event of a hardware failure (and it is unlikely as the physical machines have dual power supplies, hot-swap hard drives, and are fed by two independent power feeds from two separate UPS devices in our datacentre).

To see how reliable our datacenter is, please read our datacenter page

If a disk fails in the storage device, again, it's not a problem.

Whilst our technicians are alerted, one of the dedicated hot spare disks automatically drops in place, and keeps things running.

Our technicians will then replace the failed disk.

The same thing goes if a power supply or controller fails in the storage device.

Everything that's critical has at least one hot-standby backup part.